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Hair Restoration

Our hair restoration treatment has a strong hair stimulation effect using specially formulated active ingredients for the scalp and eye brows.

Using the Vital Injector 2’s revolutionary technology to deposit our treatment solution into the right layer of your skin for maximum hair stimulation. This is known as Mesotherapy for Hair Regrowth.

Want thicker, better and stronger looking hair without surgery?

Specially formulated hair boosting serum, XL HAIR®, is designed to treat a wide variety of hair loss conditions, including androgenic alopecia and alopecia areata.

Hair restoration treatment boosters stimulate the growth of terminal hairs which results in thicker, fuller and better-looking head of hair.

Mesotherapy for Hair Regrowth is an extremely effective non-surgical solution for hair thinning, and hair loss. It helps to increase the thickness of your hair, and improve its condition.

Hair Regrowth Therapy includes using the most advanced hair loss medications and a ‘clinic strength’ vitamin & mineral supplement.


The ideal treatment to maintain your hair, and regrow your thinning hair to a healthier appearance

This treatment is for men and women of all ages suffering hair loss. Losing hair can be upsetting, and for many of us it’s an important part of who we are.

Treatment Overview

Treatment usually consists of two phases

  • Phase One: 4 Course Injections every two weeks
  • Phase Two: 2 Course Injections a month apart

We combine this with a course of ‘clinic strength’ supplement containing high levels of protein and vitamins to stimulate the growth of hairs across the scalp.

Treatment results are seen within 3 – 4 months

Results and benefits may vary from patient to patient as age, lifestyle and medical history varies in each individual.

The Process

  • Consultation: 15 minutes
  • Preparation: 15 minutes
  • Procedure: 45 minutes
  • Recovery: bruising and swelling for the first 24-48 hours
  • Integration: 4 – 8 weeks
  • Duration of results: a personalised medical scalp application maintains results
  • Cost: £950 includes a FREE TrichoTest

For more information on hair growth products visit our GROW BACK website


At our hair restoration clinic in Kent, we aim to restore not just hair, but your confidence.

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